Case Show

This is a antique storage cabinet that we have customized for the national museum.

We are great at what we do

We have a first-class r&d and technical solution teams. In the field of  storage of temperature and humidity for most articles, we have relevant mature solutions for them. We can provide a satisfactory solution and product as long as customers send us the requirement of the humiture and related environment, workspace etc.

Core Services

  • Before service

    Due that there is different requirement of humiture for different articles in storage, Before custom purchasing, we provide the relevant consultation service. If you are not aware of the relevant temperature and humidity requirements for storage of your articles, Please tell us what you want to store. We will make a professional and satisfactory reply to you.

  • On-purchase service

    We will provide CD for set and adjustment of temperature sending together with cabinet, which incudes how to install and adjust the temperature and humidity in details, Customers can set by oneself according to video illustration. If still have no idea how to set, we will be kindly to communicate with customers to solve problems.

  • After service

    We promise the warranty period of the product for one year, and we will provide maintenance service if there is any problem in the warranty period.

  • Customization

    According to the requirements of customers, we can provide customized products, including precision in controlling of temperature and humidity, structure material, appearance color, etc.

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