Huayu modern EDC series moisture-proof cabinet is a kind of high precision humidity control electronic cabinet. When humidity reaches the set value range, the system is in standby mode, and to achieve the goal of environmental protection and energy conservation.


The dry cabinet has strong ability of moisture-proof, and used in most of the cultural relics, antiques, precision parts, photoelectric instrument, optical instrument, optoelectronic devices, chips, photographic equipment etc.

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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland) Brand Name: HYXD
Model Number: High-precision Antistatic Electronic Dry Cabinet 1700L Power: AC220V±10% 50Hz (can be replaced according to customer requirement)
Usage: Dry Cabinet Model: HD-EDC-1700L
Certificate: ISO/CE/China Invention Patent Shipment date:Short leadtime
Workspace Size: 1330*722*1787mm Volume: 1700L
Quality: Guarantee

1.The body of the moisture-proof cabinet is made of cold steel plate, the appearance is electrostatic spraying;

2.Permanent magnet seal tape is installed on the frame of cabinet doors, and there is observation window made of 5mm toughened glass on the door;

3.The adjustable tray is adopted to facilitate the allocation of space in the cabinet;

4.Four sets of casters, easy to move the cabinet;

5.The back of the cabinet is equipped with a dehumidifying module, which adopts the seamless installation to ensure the closure of the cabinet.

Performance Features

1.LED show controller, accurate reading, display and control in one, easy to operate;

2.High dosage of dehumidifying agent, high dehumidification speed, high stability;

3.Strong industrial moisture absorption material, long service life;

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