What is a constant temperature and humidity cabinet ?

Constant temperature and humidity cabinet is a kind of cabinet that stores the goods with strict requirements on temperature and humidity, generally, its made of four systems for heating, cooling,  humidifying, dehumidifying. The heating system is usually carried out by a semiconductor heating rod, the cooling system is usually done by a compressor, the humidifying system is usually suppied by an ultrasonic humidifier, and dehumidifying system is usually done by heating rod or particle seive, the product Hua Yu Modern is adopt with particle seive to control the humidity of storage space. constant temperature humidity cabinet is used in storage of chip, PCB, IC, film, tape, glue, antique, calligraphy and painting, detector, sensor, lens, precision parts( bearing), electronics etc.

Recommended storage conditions for various articles

Relative Humidity temperature Application
55%~85% 20~30℃ living tissue samples, biological samples
50%~65% 15~25℃ High-class cosmetics and water – containing crystal chemical products
45%~55% 15~25℃ Semiconductor devices, chips, integrated circuit board parts, capacitors, printed circuit boards, vacuum devices,
Laser device, precision electronic switch
40%~50% 15~25℃ Diskette, tape, slide show, photo, film, videotape, optical film camera, digital camera, electronic component products, etc
35%~45% 20℃ Antiques, stamps, medicine, calligraphy and painting, unearthed cultural relics, collections, top-class confidential paper
documents and books etc
30%~40% 20℃ IC packaging materials, coatings, spices, powder materials, chemical materials, pharmaceuticals, reagents, seeds,
bulb roots, pollen etc.
25%~35% 20℃ Various mechanical optical lens, resin lens, infrared lens, night vision lens, microlens, laser lens, sight lens,telescope
lens, coated glass lens, optical crystal special glass materials, samples, alloy parts, precision machinery
products, measuring instruments, precision molds, measuring tools, precision metal materials etc
25%以下 ≤15℃ Special materials, special medicines, dry materials

The features of a truly professional constant temperature and humidity storage

A truly constant temperature and humidity cabinet should include the following features

  1. High stability and minimal fluctuation, as the constant temperature and humidity cabinet is a storage equipment, it is required 24 work in a day. Therefore, the constant temperature and humidity cabinet is required with a high stability and minimal fluctuation.
  2. Long operating life, the reason as above
  3. Low energy consumption and low noise, as the constant temperature and humidity cabinet is working without interruption, it needs consuming electric energy continuously, and it is used indoors, which requires a low noise.
  4. High Safety Level, as the constant temperature and humidity cabinet is a high-power equipment, it needs some safety devices to ensure the safety of operators.

How to use with constant temperature humidity control cabinet

Installation instructions
In order to ensure the effective life of humiture control cabinet, the installation of the constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet must meet the following conditions:
1. Keep away from inflammable and explosive materials;
2. Do not be splashed with water or other liquids;
3. Places with less dust;
4. Stable and flat places not susceptible to vibration;
5. There is More than 30CM interspace to reserve between back of cabinet and around it for ventilation and heat dissipation of the body.

start operation
1. Power on: connect to the 220V power supply.
2. Main power switch set “on”
3. Air switch on (factory setting is “on”)

System Settings

1. Temperature setting:
Press the set button for more than 2 seconds, and the setting value of temperature is flashing, indicating that the setting operation of temperature can be carried out.
2. to Press the up arrow key, the temperature up, to press the down arrow key, the temperature down, and to press long, the change speed is accelerated.
3. factory Settings 21 ℃.
4. If no other parameter setting is performed after setting, long press for more than 2 seconds to restore the normal working screen.
5. It better to set value above the median value within the scope required by the product, to save energy and extend the machine life;
6. set the temperature as the environmental display value (i.e. the environmental temperature) in the box only under the condition of humidity control requirements;
7. as much affected by the temperature and relative humidity in the process of the automatic regulation of temperature in the cabinet, the humidity will change fast along with the adjustment of the temperature, so its normal phenomenon about have certain amplitude fluctuations in humidity in the process of temperature correction control.

End setting
After confirming all parameter Settings, press the Set button for more than 2 seconds to restore to the normal working interface. If no key is touched in the setting interface for more than 2 minutes, the system automatically saves all Settings and returns them to the normal working interface.
After setting, press the start button to make constant temperature and humidity cabinet system work normally and enter in the automatic control state.

Matters needing attention

  1. For the first use or long-distance transport of cabinet body, please leave it for more than 2 hours before installing it.
  2. Do not open or close doors frequently when working in constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet, if not,  it will affect the effect of temperature and humidity control.
  3. A certain gap (more than 50mm) should be remainded between articles on the tray,it is not conducive to flow and affects the uniformity of humidity of the cabinet body if too dense or stacked in multiple layers.
  4. The weight of goods stored on each layer shall not exceed 30Kg and shall be placed as evenly as possible.
  5. The product shall not block the air vent in order to not affect the humidity control effect.
  6. Inflammable gas or liquid shall not be used near the cabinet.
  7. Do not try to open the upper cover of the control cabinet, otherwise you will lose the warranty.
  8. There are high pressure parts in the cabinet, do not dismantle them without permission.

Storage requirement for LED chip

LED lighting is a new generation of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting technology, which has been widely used.LED chips and lamp beads are also increasingly specialized.
LED chip is the core component of LED lamp, which converts electric energy into light energy. The p-n structure of LED belongs to semiconductor, and easy to generate inductive charge. In manufacturing, screening, testing, packaging, storage, transportation and installation and use, it is inevitable that the induction charge will not be affected by electrostatic induction and further lead to electrostatic breakdown.
In the production process of LED enterprises, attention should be paid to anti-static electricity. Generally, the following measures can be taken to prevent the electrostatic problems of LED.
1. Packaging – use anti-static packaging bags, anti-static transfer boxes during production, etc.
2. Electrostatic elimination — wear electrostatic bracelet, safe grounding of tool equipment, static electric fan
3. Other aspects — wear anti-static duty, lay anti-static pad, and use anti-static cabinet to place LED components.
LED chip or light bead generally adopts the vacuum packing, in the case of the temperature not exceed 30 ℃ and humidity no more than 90% RH can keep 1 year, and need to be used as soon as possible after opening the package. Unused leds are recommended to be antistatic sealed. As a result, we are often requested for anti-static electricity and humidity control. by customers in the photoelectric industry.
Anti – static anti – moisture cabinet can meet with customer requirements, antistatic storage cabinet can not only eliminate electrostatic effects, and humidity control can be realized, on the professional point, we recommend LED storage humidity keepin 20-50% RH, which is advantageous to the long-term stability of the electronic components storage. Shenzhen local there are a lot of photovoltaic enterprises in Shenzhen, some of the customers requesting high requirements for proccess and quality of products use anti-static moisture-proof cabinet to lower defective rate.

Storage requirements for flexible circuit board (FPC)

Flexible circuit board, also called FPC circuit board, short for FPC, Flexible circuit board has the advantages of high distribution density, light weight, thin thickness, less space limitation and high flexibility, and it is widely used in electronic products.
The conditions of FPC storage are relatively strict, general FPC storage temperature at 25 ℃ + / – 5 ℃, relative humidity: 55% RH + / – 20%, storage environment is dry, ventilated, and needs to avoid squeezing and being pile up.
for the convenience in use and storage of FPC finished or samples, Shenzhen Huayu Modern is specialized to customize professional soft plate storage cabinet for customers, do an input, feel free to use for a long time.Huayu modern flexible board storage cabinet is applicable to flexible circuit board storage:
1.temperature 15-30 ℃ adjustable inside cabinet, humidity 30-70% RH adjustable, which fully capable to the standard of soft plate storage.
2. The stainless steel cabinet body and the layered partition design in the cabinet to increase the storage space of FPC.
3. Toughened glass cabinet doors can be observed through at any time.
4. The temperature and humidity independent control system makes it easy to access the FPC at any time. The temperature and humidity fluctuation in the cabinet has little influence.

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