Constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet for SEED

The storage environment of seed needs to be kept dry at a low temperature, and lower temperature and humidity can preserve seeds for a longer time, which is great valuable to agricultural production. There are many storage methods for crops, mainly its used with a low temperature drying or sealing for placing seeds. its needed to build a cryogenic dry seed vault or cryogenic storage sealed with containers. The low temperature and low humidity storage cabinet introduced by our company can perfectly solve the seed storage problem: Read more

The applicable scope of constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet

Photoelectric technology is founded on comprehensive scientific research. It is based on advanced laser and detector, optical technology, and a high technology formed with electronic technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and precision machinery technology. It is a multifunctional system composed of large-scale integrated circuits, large chip components, micro-electronic devices, components and panel circuits. These electronic products have infiltrated in the photoelectric material and components, optical instruments, optical information (information) industry, optical industry, photoelectric display, laser and laser application, photo attached and electronic components, SMT SMT, semiconductor industry, photographic equipment, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and fields of science, Moreover, moreover, these components are more susceptible to moisture absorption in humid air with a relative humidity of more than 60%RH. which is failed before using, and seriously affects the reliability of equipment. With equipment constantly updated, all kinds of new advanced polymer materials, rubber and plastics accessories and precision optical lens parts are continuously applied, these devices and materials required with a different storage humidity range. Read more

Comparing temperature humidity storage cabinet and dry cabinet

First to introduce dry cabinet, dry cabinet is consisted of metal plate and dehumidifying module, the moisture-proof module consists of two movable blades. Under the action of temperature-sensitive spring, the blades turn on or off the desiccant in the module to achieve the dehumidification effect on the environment in the box. The function of the drying module is passive moisture absorption and active dehumidification, the humidity range of moisture-proof cabinet is between environmental humidity and set humidity value, and set humidity value must be lower than environmental humidity value. Therefore, the moisture-proof cabinet (dry cabinet) is also called room temperature dry storage cabinet, dry storage cabinet (dry cabinet) and so on. Read more

Customized projector cabinet

Temperature and humidity control projector cabinet is a product independently developed by H. Y. MODERN, the body surface is sheet metal spraying with antistatic finish, equipped with a dehumidifying module of molecular sieve, which can only remove the humidity in the cabinet,  In addition, the cabinet is equipped with a high-power fan, which can continuously reduce and keep the temperature in the cabinet within the working range of the projector. When the humidity is above 75% or the temperature is above 40 degrees or the temperature is below 5 degrees, the humidity and temperature control system will start automatically. The following is a customized projection cabinet for guangying century co., LTD