Our customers come from many industrials and departments, our products are widely used for storage of the film, medicine, precision electronics, PCB, chip, samples, precision instruments, glue, aviation precision parts, cultural relic, calligraphy and painting, antiques, documents, archives etc.



ZTE Corporation Integrated Chips Storage
Inna Fa Automotive Skylight System (Chongqing) Co. LTD. Auto Parts Storage
Shenzhen Guangqi Institute Of Advanced Technology. Laboratory
HIT Shenzhen Post-graduate Education archives Storage
Shenzhen Longgang 75205 Army. Laboratory
PLA Electronic Engineering Institute. Laboratory
China Garden Museum Antiques Storage
China Space Physics Institute. Laboratory
Beijing Public Security Archive. Achives Storage
China Space Application Engineering And Technology Center Laboratory
Shenzhen Jinwang Precision Electronics Co. LTD. PCB Storage
STARCO Aviation Precision Parts
Sirui Logic China Holdings Limited. IC Storage
Wuhan Huazhong Agricultural University. Laboratory
Avic East China Photoelectric Co. LTD. Aviation Precision Parts
Hebei Alhetai Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. Medicines Storage
Guangzhou Weili Medical Equipment Co. LTD. Precision Sensor Storage
Zhejiang Sanchuang Biotechnology Co. LTD. Medicines Storage
Hunan Dongting Pharmaceutical Co. LTD. Medicines Storage
Industrial Cluster Medical Equipment (Shenzhen) Co. LTD. Precision Electronic Parts
The Political Department Of The PLA Garrison In Macao. Lens Storage
Carmalone (Gaomi) Machinery Co. LTD. Precision Electronic Parts
Shenzhen Longhua Public Security Sub-bureau. Drugs Storage
Jia Lian Yi (Shenzhen) Technology Co. LTD. IC Storage
Shenzhen Shenyue Ptoelectronic Technology Co. LTD. Film Storage
Shenzhen Lingfengyuan Precision Network Technology Co. LTD. Film Storage
Great Wall Automobile Co., LTD. Auto Precision Parts
Zhejiang Happy Space Technology Co. LTD. Aviation Precision Parts
Guangzhou Fiat Auto Co. LTD. Auto Precision Parts

NOTE: Above is only part of all