Special cabinet for drug in police station

ZHONG DAO has provided excellent constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet and humiture control machine for various fields such in storing of medicine, film, Precision electronics, IC, PCB, Aviation precision parts, antique, calligraphy and painting, adhesive etc. In global market, ZHONG DAO gains a high praise and reputation from customers from many countries and regions, including the America, france, India., Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines etc.

Except regular products we provide customizitation services. below is a latest model for drug storage in police station (Constant Temperature And Humidity Storage Cabinet Stainless 1 Door 180L) Read more


Our company focuses on development and production of constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet, The equipment storing artcles that are sensitive to temperature or humidity or have higher requirements, work 24 hours and the temperature and humidity in storage space keep unchanged.
Applicable Industries
Constant temperature and humidity cabinet is widely used in storage of precision electronics, chip, film, precision aviatic parts, PCB, glue, medicine, sample, reagent, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, lens, etc.

It is easy to keep at 25 ℃, 40% – 50% of the environmental humidity ?

There must be the functions of cooling, dehumidifying, heating and humidifying, and keep the humiture be stable for humiture reaching at 25℃,40%-50%RH in the cabinet, under environmental humidity at even < 10% and temperature at even < 10℃ in winter, or humdity at even > 95% RH and temperature at even >30℃ in summer, besides, the stability is controlled, so, its difficult to keep a condition of temperature and humidity at 25℃,40%-50%. Constant temperature and humidity cabinet  meets with requirements above.

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