Our company focuses on development and production of constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet, The equipment storing artcles that are sensitive to temperature or humidity or have higher requirements, work 24 hours and the temperature and humidity in storage space keep unchanged.
Applicable Industries
Constant temperature and humidity cabinet is widely used in storage of precision electronics, chip, film, precision aviatic parts, PCB, glue, medicine, sample, reagent, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, lens, etc.

Storage analysis of imges film

In addition to the traditional photographic film and X-ray film, film has also been widely used in the fields of electronic scanning, aviation remote sensing, medicine and industrial diagnosis as the information record storage carrier. Image film made of polymer materials and surface coat of organic photosensitive materials,  suitable mold decomposition, especially the surface of the photosensitive film most susceptible to mold invasion. Photographic latex photosensitive film is also prone to hydrolysis due to moisture and damage film image. After mildew, the oxalic acid excreted by mould can corrode silver particles and dye image. The dye image also hydrolyzes itself under high humidity conditions, and the high humidity also causes the residual chemicals on the film to destroy the picture.Harmful gases in the air, such as sulfide and peroxide, can have harmful effects even at low concentrations. Peroxide is the main cause of the oxidation of silver image particles, which leads to colored deposition spots of colloidal silver. Other compounds such as paint volatiles and active compounds can damage the substrate and image, In addition, chemically active dust may discolor the image or leave spots on film. Some having been saved 2-20 years of miniature appeared with subtle color spot or stain, as is due to the partial oxidation of silver image, and come to come to red or yellow spots on the colloidal silver. Read more

It is easy to keep at 25 ℃, 40% – 50% of the environmental humidity ?

There must be the functions of cooling, dehumidifying, heating and humidifying, and keep the humiture be stable for humiture reaching at 25℃,40%-50%RH in the cabinet, under environmental humidity at even < 10% and temperature at even < 10℃ in winter, or humdity at even > 95% RH and temperature at even >30℃ in summer, besides, the stability is controlled, so, its difficult to keep a condition of temperature and humidity at 25℃,40%-50%. Constant temperature and humidity cabinet  meets with requirements above.

Constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet for SEED

The storage environment of seed needs to be kept dry at a low temperature, and lower temperature and humidity can preserve seeds for a longer time, which is great valuable to agricultural production. There are many storage methods for crops, mainly its used with a low temperature drying or sealing for placing seeds. its needed to build a cryogenic dry seed vault or cryogenic storage sealed with containers. The low temperature and low humidity storage cabinet introduced by our company can perfectly solve the seed storage problem: Read more

The applicable scope of constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet

Photoelectric technology is founded on comprehensive scientific research. It is based on advanced laser and detector, optical technology, and a high technology formed with electronic technology, microelectronics technology, computer technology and precision machinery technology. It is a multifunctional system composed of large-scale integrated circuits, large chip components, micro-electronic devices, components and panel circuits. These electronic products have infiltrated in the photoelectric material and components, optical instruments, optical information (information) industry, optical industry, photoelectric display, laser and laser application, photo attached and electronic components, SMT SMT, semiconductor industry, photographic equipment, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries and fields of science, Moreover, moreover, these components are more susceptible to moisture absorption in humid air with a relative humidity of more than 60%RH. which is failed before using, and seriously affects the reliability of equipment. With equipment constantly updated, all kinds of new advanced polymer materials, rubber and plastics accessories and precision optical lens parts are continuously applied, these devices and materials required with a different storage humidity range. Read more