Magnetic recording material storage analysis

As magnetic recording materials are difficult to keep for a long time, it has become a widely used method to burn data and other records on cd-rw for backup preservation, which is called “be able to keep for 100 years”. But the reality is that the discs are still hard to keep in the long term, optical records record signals by carving holes in the surface of the disc,  and then coating it with an aluminum film to reflect the signal. The cd-rw is achieved by laser burning the chemical material on the cd-rw to change the reflection, among them, there are small pit and no pit or burn and unburned place to reflect light differently. The optical disc machine reads the data by emitting a laser beam that reflects light from the disc, Therefore, it very Read more

Our Customer Show in electronics

Our products ( constant temperature humidity storage equipment) are used in many fields, the electronics industry is used most in them, we have many mature customers domestic and overseas, in the long-term cooperation, we got the recognition and praise from majority of customer. Below is presentive card made by us including part of our customers in electronics. Read more

Special cabinet for drug in police station

ZHONG DAO has provided excellent constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet and humiture control machine for various fields such in storing of medicine, film, Precision electronics, IC, PCB, Aviation precision parts, antique, calligraphy and painting, adhesive etc. In global market, ZHONG DAO gains a high praise and reputation from customers from many countries and regions, including the America, france, India., Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines etc.

Except regular products we provide customizitation services. below is a latest model for drug storage in police station (Constant Temperature And Humidity Storage Cabinet Stainless 1 Door 180L) Read more


Our company focuses on development and production of constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet, The equipment storing artcles that are sensitive to temperature or humidity or have higher requirements, work 24 hours and the temperature and humidity in storage space keep unchanged.
Applicable Industries
Constant temperature and humidity cabinet is widely used in storage of precision electronics, chip, film, precision aviatic parts, PCB, glue, medicine, sample, reagent, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, lens, etc.

Storage analysis of imges film

In addition to the traditional photographic film and X-ray film, film has also been widely used in the fields of electronic scanning, aviation remote sensing, medicine and industrial diagnosis as the information record storage carrier. Image film made of polymer materials and surface coat of organic photosensitive materials,  suitable mold decomposition, especially the surface of the photosensitive film most susceptible to mold invasion. Photographic latex photosensitive film is also prone to hydrolysis due to moisture and damage film image. After mildew, the oxalic acid excreted by mould can corrode silver particles and dye image. The dye image also hydrolyzes itself under high humidity conditions, and the high humidity also causes the residual chemicals on the film to destroy the picture.Harmful gases in the air, such as sulfide and peroxide, can have harmful effects even at low concentrations. Peroxide is the main cause of the oxidation of silver image particles, which leads to colored deposition spots of colloidal silver. Other compounds such as paint volatiles and active compounds can damage the substrate and image, In addition, chemically active dust may discolor the image or leave spots on film. Some having been saved 2-20 years of miniature appeared with subtle color spot or stain, as is due to the partial oxidation of silver image, and come to come to red or yellow spots on the colloidal silver. Read more