Magnetic recording material storage analysis

As magnetic recording materials are difficult to keep for a long time, it has become a widely used method to burn data and other records on cd-rw for backup preservation, which is called “be able to keep for 100 years”. But the reality is that the discs are still hard to keep in the long term, optical records record signals by carving holes in the surface of the disc,  and then coating it with an aluminum film to reflect the signal. The cd-rw is achieved by laser burning the chemical material on the cd-rw to change the reflection, among them, there are small pit and no pit or burn and unburned place to reflect light differently. The optical disc machine reads the data by emitting a laser beam that reflects light from the disc, Therefore, it very important and requirement-high whether the optical disc can be read normally and the brightness of the reflective surface of the optical disc is normal or not. Due there is the nature of moisture penetration with the plastic protective film on the surface of discs, in high humidity enviroment the brightness will be decreased because of oxidation with water, which cause that the CD cant read or read wrong signal, or cant be used normally, especially there is lower refleciton rate than disc die for CD-RW, and is more easily oxidied and has shorter shelf life with itself, and mold can also grow on the plastic surface of the disc. so in order to prevent oxidation, the disc must be stored in an environment of 40% relative humidity, which can ensure more safe and warrent. Here A constant temperature and humidity magnetic cabinet be recommended to store the disc, please refer to the link for detailed introduction of constant humiture antimagnetic cabinet.

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