Special cabinet for drug in police station

ZHONG DAO has provided excellent constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet and humiture control machine for various fields such in storing of medicine, film, Precision electronics, IC, PCB, Aviation precision parts, antique, calligraphy and painting, adhesive etc. In global market, ZHONG DAO gains a high praise and reputation from customers from many countries and regions, including the America, france, India., Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines etc.

Except regular products we provide customizitation services. below is a latest model for drug storage in police station (Constant Temperature And Humidity Storage Cabinet Stainless 1 Door 180L)


Model CHL-CSS-180L
Overall Size(W*D*H) 540*535*1860mm
 Inside Size(W*D*H) 450*415*1115mm
Power AC220V 50Hz
 Peak Power 1400W
Average Power 300W
Humidity Adjustable Range 30-60%RH
Temperature Adjustable Range 15℃–30℃
Humidity Control Fluctuation Range ±2%
Temperature Control Fluctuation Range ±1℃
Space Humidty Fluctuation Range ±10%
Space Temperature Fluctuation Range ±2℃
Inaccuracy Temperature On Dimension ±0.5℃
Inaccuracy Humidty On Dimension ±4.5%
Material Stainless Steel
Weight 70kg
Noise <50db
Surface Stainless
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