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Constant Temperature And Humidity Storage Cabinet
Constant Temperature And Humidity Control Showcase
Constant Temperature And Humidity Control Machine, Dry Cabinet And Oven

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Many payment methods provided, e.g. L/C, TT, PAYPAL etc. if you need help about payment,  please send us mail

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If you need help,  you can see page “FAQ” or page “service” or enter forum to connect to us.

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You can find your favorite products in page “Products”, or find them in page “Shop” as well as search in search bar to know them in details.

Product Show

We provide a variety of temperature and humidity control equipment, including constant humiture storage , Electorn, Industrial oven, Projector cabinet, Showcase…

Main Parts

We use imported brands for main parts, such as temperature and humidity probe, compressor etc. In addition, we will use part according to customer requirements in assembly.

Product Application

Our products are used in many fields, such as storage of medicine, precision electronics, chips, film, cultural relics, calligraphy and painting, glue, jewelry…


HUAYU MODERN provides special customized constant temperature humidity machine to meet all kinds of storage requirements and fixture conditions.

Model Code

The model number of the product is coded by the abbreviation of the English name of the product. For specific model query, please click here. 

Certificate Show

We passed the certification of CE, quality and environmental system, and obtained the certificate CE, ISO19001, IS014001.  We have a patent of constant temperature and …

Customer Case

HUAYU MODERN, a leading temperature and humidity control storage equipment suppliers and manufacturers in China. Except regular products we provide OEM services.

After Service

We provide a full range of pre-sales, sales and after-sales services. For installation, use and setup of products, we provide relevant paper data, videos or online services etc.

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